Some people make their living through overseas property investment. If you do such a business, it requires a careful analysis of real estate markets in order to find the area that could provide you with high earnings and little risks. The United Arab Emirates and especially Dubai offer various opportunities for investing in different property types one of which is The Bridge – an iconic residential building in Dubai Sports City district.

The location of The Bridge

Dubai Sports City – the location The Bridge – is a buzzing district full of sport facilities and amenities. The district also offers its residents modern offices, shops, great transport infrastructure, and luxurious residential buildings including The Bridge. Dubai Sports City is a comfortable place of living that has everything you need just near your home. That is why the location of The Bridge makes it a high-potential investment option.

The Bridge is a unique project that offers both commercial and residential property investment opportunities at the same time. Everybody knows how hard and annoying it is to get from home to work when you live in a big city. Being a place for living, The Bridge also has four floors of offices. It may be an absolute solution for those who found a job in one of them. How many people can get to work in a couple of minutes? This factor plays a significant role in determining the demand for residential space in this building.



The Bridge is a luxurious place to live with its iconic and high-quality design. In order to get to the apartment, the resident has to use a smart card which provides safety. The building also offers a 24-hour concierge service. The residents can use the swimming pool on the rooftop or become members of Health Club. Together with quick and easy access to other districts of Dubai, The Bridge can become a comfortable, safe and up-to-date housing.

Some of the owners of the apartments in The Bridge are word famous sport stars such as Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff and Michael Owen. Apparently the building seemed to be a good investment for them.

Reasons to Invest in Dubai Residential Property

The reason for investing in the residential space of Dubai is the constant population growth. Many foreigners move to the emirate after finding a job or starting a business here. These people require a place to live and often they need not just a regular apartment but a modern place that reflects their status and way of living. Such people will find The Bridge to be exactly what they seek.

Dubai is a dynamic, rapidly growing city. There’s no denying of its economical potential. That is why more and more people migrate to the emirate to find their own place in this city of opportunities. Investing in residential property of Dubai is a highly profitable business, and The Bridge is a good choice.