The One at JVC Review

the One at JVC

Property investment is considered one of the safest ways to preserve capital which is why investors all over the world seek for high-potential objects in various locations. And a lot of them choose Dubai – particularly its hotel property sector. This report is devoted to The One at Jumeirah Village Circle hotel that is being built in the city and its investment potential.

Why Dubai?

The high potential of Dubai’s hotel’s property is derived from the performance of its tourism industry. During 2015, the city welcomed 14.2 million travelers. By 2020, 20 million tourists are expected every year. This trend propels a boost in hotel developments in the city which allows an investor to acquire a piece of off-plan property for a cheaper price.

The Location of The One at JVC

One of the most crucial parameters of any hotel (on which depends its future income) is its location. The object under review is situated at Jumeirah Village Circle – a relatively new and fast growing district of Dubai. According to some surveys, this area is almost as popular as Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, and other highly demanded districts. The advantages of this location for a hotel are the following:

It should be noted though that The One is situated quite far away from the coastline and may not be that popular among wealthy leisure tourists. An obvious disadvantage is also lack of metro nearby. On the other hand, the hotel is expected to gain considerable popularity among business tourists.

What to Expect from the Hotel

The One at Jumeirah Village Circle is going to be a 4 star hotel operated by Ramada, a global brand with more than 880 objects all over the world. Its parent company, Wyndham, is a world-class hotel operator held in high esteem around the globe. When choosing a hotel property to invest in, one should pay maximum attention to this matter. An experienced and well-known operator is the best recipe for success.

the One at JVC interior

The One at JVC is going to offer such services as:

Another important detail is that the building is still in process which, on the one hand, allows to purchase a room in this hotel for a lower price, but on the other hand, makes a potential investor wait for certain time till the object is ready to bring income.