Investment in Dubai:
Which investment option is best for you?

Those looking to make an investment in Dubai certainly have plenty of possible avenues to investigate. From investing money into the stock market market to the vibrant and prosperous property market, Dubai offers up plenty of opportunity to receive lucrative returns. Two key options that most people consider are investing in property and investing in the stock market.

Investment in Dubai

Investment in Dubai property

It is no secret that many people have become very wealthy through the successful property market of the emirate. Although the property market hasn’t brought solely good news (witness the 2008/2009 property market crash which saw prices slump across the board and the current price correction), the property market has performed extremely well altogether in recent years. Even the current situation on the market is regarded by many as a good opportunity to invest in property just before the prices recover thus raising the value of such asset. Besides, Dubai real estate market has matured which means there’s little dangerous speculation now if compared to the market two or more years ago.

Those considering investment in Dubai property will certainly not be short of choice when it comes to looking for an investment property. The emirate boasts some breathtaking residential properties, with some of the world’s most glitzy and stylish apartments being found within the city’s bustling and vibrant neighbourhoods. Many residents also enjoy stunning views of Dubai’s impressive skyline that is the envy of the world.

Aside from residential property and traditional buy-to-let investments, Dubai also serves up many other highly attractive investment options. Leading this field at the moment is hotel investment, which offers those interested in investment in Dubai the opportunity to profit from the outstanding success of the tourism and hospitality industries in the emirate. Many predict that this is a sector that is likely to only grow and grow, particularly as Dubai gears up for the World Expo 2020, which will bring millions of additional visitors to Dubai.

The advantages of hotel property investment

By purchasing a hotel room in this highly demanded tourism destination, the investor acquires a safe and promising asset with the following benefits:

Investment in Dubai stock market

Another popular option amongst those wanting to make an investment in Dubai is the stock market, which performed remarkably well in 2013 and the first half of 2014, although it has done less well since then. Dubai offers a wealth of choice to investors, with many growing businesses being based in Dubai. Some of the world’s most exciting companies are based in Dubai, with investment options also going beyond just those firms that are offered on the stock market.

On the other hand, in order to guarantee a success in any stock market, the investor must possess certain skills and experience. And even so there’s a risk to face a slump due to global economic and political changes and fluctuations. A good strategy would be to diversify your stock portfolio by investing a bit in different assets. However you should take into account that, although stock market may bring greater revenue than property market, it also requires more attention and work.