The One at Jumeirah Village Triangle Review

Any investor looking for opportunities in hotel industry should consider buying property in Dubai since this emirate boasts bustling tourism industry. Experts anticipate more than 15 million visitors in 2016. According to government’s plans, by 2020 Dubai will be visited by 20 million people every year, apart from additional tourist traffic generated by Dubai Expo 2020 during 2020 and 2021.

the one at jvt

Dubai’s appeal as leisure and business destination makes it a great investment site promising good returns which is why many investors aim to buy a hotel room in the city. Selection of proper object isn’t an easy task so in this article, we will review pros and cons of The One at Jumeirah Village Triangle – a promising hotel project which will be finished in the nearest future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hotel’s Location

The location of the object is always the first thing one should consider before acquiring any property. Depending on the surrounding transport infrastructure, proximity to important objects such as shops, dining facilities, etc, objects of equal quality may differ very much in price and their investment potential. As for The One at JVT, one can list the following advantages:

Nevertheless, the object is situated quite far from the beaches which some visitors may find a disadvantage. Besides, right now the district lacks metro line although a new line connecting the Expo site with other routs should be built nearby in future.

About the Hotel

Even convenient location cannot turn a hotel into good investment if the object doesn’t meet the standards. The One at JVT was designed as a 4-star deluxe hotel offering its guests all the standard services and some additional bonuses.

Advantages of Off-Plan Property

Lastly, you can’t miss out the fact that the construction is still under way, and thus acquiring a room in the hotel now will cost less than after its completion. On the other side, if investing today, you will have to wait till the construction ends before you can expect any profits.

In general, The One at Jumeirah Village Triangle represents a promising investment object with high potential due to its convenient location, high quality and a wide range of useful services.